credit: Tabitha Rogers

Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5

From the heart of Austin's music scene, Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5 continue to carve a unique niche with their distinctive blend of dark cabaret, gothic blues, and theatrical flair. Founded in 2004 by Greg Lewis and James Sheeran, this band's journey has been marked by artistic evolution, personal tragedies, and profound camaraderie.

Their shared history, spanning over three decades, is a testament to an enduring partnership that has withstood life's tumultuous waves. This bond was particularly significant during the creation of their 2018 album, "Before The World Beat You Down," a haunting reflection of personal losses, with Lewis facing the suicide of his estranged girlfriend and Sheeran mourning the loss of his partner, musician Kerri Luker.

Known for a sound that captures the essence of life's darker moments with morbid yet clever lyricism, Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5 have been likened to the theatrical drama of the Dresden Dolls and the gothic blues of Tom Waits. Their music—sometimes playful, sometimes somber—has consistently resonated with a sense of "Macabaret," a genre they have come to define.

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Events featuring Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5

Mar 15, 2024
8:20pm — 8:55pm
Presented by
Chicken Ranch Records
Austin, TX, United States
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