credit: Michael Morris

Life In Vacuum

Life In Vacuum are a band based in Toronto, formed in Ukraine, playing an aggressive form of indie rock that pulls from a few different subgenres. I hear some Fugazi-style post-hardcore and some Metz-esque noise-rock in the mix. “Hugo” sounds like angry garage howlers Hot Snakes attempting to write something like Interpol’s propulsive post-punk masterpiece “PDA.” “The Office” presents a mix of creeping bass and skronking guitar somewhere between Pixies and Mclusky on the discordant indie rock spectrum, then goes all the way into Refused-style freakout on the chorus. Basically, if you like punk- and hardcore-adjacent indie and have ever liked music that some critic described as “angular” and might have had a shot at MTV2 rotation circa 2002, you’ll probably like this.- STEREOGUM

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Events featuring Life In Vacuum

Mar 16, 2024
8:00pm — 8:40pm
Toronto, ON, Canada
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  • Booking Agent - Worldwide