credit: Jessi Mason

Madeleine Mayi

Madeleine Mayi won’t take no for an answer. Her lyrics are often brutally honest reflections on events in her life, while her nostalgic sound reminds the listener that even in the hardest moments there’s light to find if you look. Live performance will always be at the core of Mayi's artistry, her ability to enchant an audience is truly her superpower. 2024 is a big year of releases for Mayi, starting with three singles in February, April and June.

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Events featuring Madeleine Mayi

Mar 15, 2024
7:00pm — 7:35pm
Mar 16, 2024
7:25pm — 7:45pm
Presented by
Mint Talent Group
Los Angeles, CA, United States
Indie Pop
Professional Connections
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