credit: Cyrus Duff


Amiture is Jack Whitescarver & Coco Goupil. Their sound blends underground dance music, R&B, British folk, and the blues in a deeply personal way. Positioned between New York City’s nighttime world and the pastoral isolation of upstate New York, Amiture is defined by their shapeshifting playfulness as much as their emotional intensity.

Their upcoming album, Mother Engine began to take form in a dilapidated garage between a sanitation center and a set of train tracks. This would be their laboratory, workshop, and recording studio where they developed a process of working that included a newfound love for sample manipulation. They collaborated with other musicians including Matt Norman (Lily & Horn Horse) and Henry Birdsey, an experimentalist, to bring their production out of the digital landscape of Ableton. Between the tape machine, the amp, the turntable, and the computer, Amiture found magic.

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New York, NY, United States
Avant / Experimental
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