credit: Kate Blaising

Harvest Thieves

Upon first listen, Harvest Thieves' native Texan roots show through. The band's well-crafted lyrics are confessional yet fluid, and they paint with strokes that put you squarely into a story - in a way that eases a relation to your own. AS THE SPARKS FLY UPWARD was written and recorded over a four-year period that witnessed the arrival and passing of the pandemic. Rather than a record about the ills of confinement and separation, the album survives more as a living document of the strangeness and aberration that occurred. A fitting commentary on societal upheaval in the face of some surreal American sensibility.

With potent storytelling, a smattering of rollicking guitars and fiddle playing, colorful harmonies, and the occasional honky-tonk tune, Harvest Thieves gather the most vulnerable details of their crossroads and recount their experience in a manner that provides an openness and honesty that most artists never approach.
The Austin based alt-country six-piece keeps busy, bringing their barroom swagger and swirling balladry to the streets of their hometown and beyond.

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Events featuring Harvest Thieves

Mar 13, 2024
12:00am — 12:40am
Austin, TX, United States
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