credit: Dominic Berthiaume


Corridor is returning with their fourth album Mimi and it immediately recalls the best of the best when it comes to indie rock. Leaning harder into incorporating electronic textures than on previous records, it is a record bursting with new energy and life, with no limitations when it comes to what is possible. And despite easy comparisons, it remains impossible to pin down from song to song. It is music that is richly detailed, with a sound and style that’s more widescreen and expansive than anything that’s preceded it. A record that feels like a fresh break for a band that’s already established themselves as forward-thinkers.

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Events featuring Corridor

Mar 13, 2024
10:15pm — 10:55pm
Presented by
M for Montreal
Mar 14, 2024
5:35pm — 6:05pm
Presented by
SXSW DAY PARTY: Planetary Group
Mar 15, 2024
11:00pm — 11:40pm
Presented by
Space Agency + The Nothing Song
Montreal, QC, Canada
Indie Rock
Professional Connections
Corridor is seeking the following:
  • Brand Partnership
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  • Publishing
  • Sync/Music Supervisors