photo of Emily Saliers

Emily Saliers

Indigo Girls

Released in 1989, Indigo Girls' eponymous major label debut sold over two million copies under
the power of singles “Closer to Fine” and “Kid Fears” and turned Indigo Girls into one of the
most successful folk duos in history. Over a thirty-five-year career that began in clubs around
their native Atlanta, Georgia, the multi-Grammy-winning duo of Emily Saliers and Amy Ray has
recorded sixteen studio albums, sold over 15 million records, and built a dedicated, enduring
following across the globe. Rolling Stone describes them as the “ideal duet partners.” Committed and uncompromising activists, they work on issues like immigration reform (El Refugio), LGBTQ advocacy, education (Imagination Library), death penalty reform, and Native American rights. They are co-founders of Honor the Earth, a non-profit dedicated to the
survival of sustainable Native communities, Indigenous environmental justice, and green
energy solutions. Their latest record, Look Long is a stirring and eclectic collection of songs that finds Indigo Girls reunited in the studio with their strongest backing band to date. “We joke about being old, but what is old when it comes to music? We’re still a bar band at heart,” says Saliers. “While our
lyrics and writing approach may change, our passion for music feels the same as it did when we
were 25-years-old.” Their formidable touring schedule reflects this energy. “As time has gone
on, our audience has become more expansive and diverse, giving me a sense of joy,” Saliers
To hear those collective voices raise into one, singing along and overpowering the band itself,

one realizes the importance Indigo Girls’ music continues to hold in this moment. In our often-
terrifying present, we are all in search of a daily refuge, a stolen hour or two, to engage with

something that brings us joy, perspective, or maybe just calm. As one bar band once put it, “We
go to the doctor, we go to the mountains...we go to the Bible, we go through the work out.” For
millions, they go to the Indigo Girls. Here they’ll find a creative partnership certain of its
bearings, forging a way forward.

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