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Egbert Edelbroek

SpaceBorn United, Inc.

Dr. Egbert Edelbroek is the founder and CEO of SpaceBorn United. This research and mission design company researches and enables the conditions for human reproduction in space. Egbert is passionate about accelerating space life science research. Egbert’s interest in space exploration accelerated shortly after he first became an IVF donor in 2010 and learned about assisted reproductive technology (ART). This inspired him to explore options to re-engineer existing IVF technologies for application in space. SpaceBorn’s research outcomes and missions program provide a crucial contribution for becoming a multi-planetary species. The current focus is enabling conception and early embryo development in LEO, for which SpaceBorn United developing ARTIS (Assisted Reproductive Technology in Space).

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Events featuring Egbert Edelbroek
Events featuring Egbert Edelbroek