Consensus Gentium

"Consensus Gentium" is a powerful exploration into the implications of today's AI technology. It is an interactive film that integrates cutting-edge facial detection and AI, which transports audiences on a unique quest to discover what could come about if we succumb to unchecked surveillance. Through a smartphone, participants are tasked to obtain increased mobility to visit their sick Nana through a government surveillance Global Citizen App. Using various tests their dissidence or compliance is calculated, by monitoring data for their conscious and subconscious eye gaze interactions, by the devices’ front-facing camera. While various characters reflect the consequences of their decisions.

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Karen Palmer

Executive Producer:

Lizzie Franke, Kristin Irving (BFI)


Tom Millen, Thalia Mavros, Jackson Lapsley Scott, Tuyet Huynh


Karen Palmer


Anthony Gurner


Jack Foster

Production Designer:

Tom Paris

Sound Designer:

Gareth Fry


Cesare Marchese, Colin Emmanuel

Principal Cast:

Miriam Teak-Lee- Mischi Palmer, Zachary Hing- Global Citizen Officer, Sorcha Farnan-Influencer, Tolu Kingba-Source Code- activist, Keon-Martial Phillip- Black Man arrested by police, Clare Owens-Nana, Francoise (Forrest) Mahop- Parkour Athlete, Georgia Munroe- Parkour Athlete, Flynn Disney - Parkour Athlete, Kevin Francomme- Parkour Athlete

Additional Credits:

Technical Developers: Tom Shannon & Ahmed Buttar, Screen Life Team: Meg O'Connell, Brodie Rocca, Jackson Lapsley Scott (Unless Pictures), Screen Life Motion Graphics: Steph Walsh, Shell Weiss, Ryan Mcshane, Rebecca George, Samantha Gleeson (Breeder), Creative Consultant : Mario Marquez Lartigue, Story Editor: Phoebe Sutherland (BFI), Production Manager: Iris Cohen (BFI), Casting Director: Nicci Topping, Assistant Director: Caroline Deeds, Stylist & Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Laurel Hunter & Sheree Jourdan & Marialuisa Cosentino, Storyboard Developer/ Concept Artist: Shaun Beyond (Shakoor Bukhuth)



Tom Millen

Public Film Contact:

Karen Palmer
Interactive Film ltd
+44 7957468544

Publicity Contact:

Karen Palmer
+44 7957468544


Primary Entry:
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Premiere Status:

World Premiere


Experimental, Gaming, Hybrid, Interactive, Mockumentary

Screening Section:

XR Experience Competition

Screening Category:

XR Experience


English with English Subtitles


22 mins