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Geoff McFetridge: Drawing a Life

What defines a life? How do you decide what matters? Geoff McFetridge’s art is everywhere: from Apple watch faces, to solo shows around the world, to movie titles for Spike Jonze. But this film is more than a primer on Geoff’s prolific career. It’s about the choices we confront in trying to lead meaningful lives. Is there value in commercial success or artistic independence? In responsibility or freedom? And ultimately, how do we use our most precious resource: time? "Drawing a Life" is a poetic and intimate portrait of an artist. In an era dominated by influencers and social media, Geoff works to live with intention and authenticity, an increasingly rare practice–more relevant now than ever.

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photo of Dan Covert



Dan Covert

Executive Producer:

Spike Jonze, Andre Andreev, Amanda Adelson


Dan Covert


Erik Auli, Dan Covert, Amy Dempsey, Tara Rose Stromberg


Claudio Rietti, Daniel Vecchione


Erik Auli, Dan Covert

Sound Designer:



YouTooCanWoo: David Perlick Molinari, Derek Muro

Principal Cast:

Geoff McFetridge, Spike Jonze, Sofia Coppola, Sarah DeVincentis, Andrew Paynter, Bill Powers, Liv Siddall, Atiba Jefferson, Jesper Elg, Andy Spade

Additional Credits:

Co-Producers: Erik Auli, Amy Dempsey, Tara Rose Stromberg, Still Photography: Andrew Paynter, Camera Operators: Tucker Phillips, Andre Andreev, Andrew Trost, Sean Mattison, Connor Lawson, Adam McDaid, Herbie Wei, Sound Mixing: Matteo Liberatore, Ben Adams, Kelly Wright, Kevin Crawford, Cel Animation: Hao Li, Additional Animation: Colin Hess, Archival Researcher: Richard Kroll


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Dan Covert
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Jacki St. Thomas

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