The New Americans: Gaming a Revolution

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"The New Americans" takes us on a wild meme-driven ride to meet the founders of Reddit and WallStreetBets, crypto fanatics, bored housewives, and TikTok-ers turned millionaire traders, in order to investigate the never-before-made connection between the Gamestop squeeze and the Jan 6th Insurrection. Disruptive tropes can help a disenfranchised generation to rise up against corrupt power structures. But will algorithms amplify our worst impulses, threatening the very pillars of our democracy? "The New Americans" is a mem-ified punk rock manifesto that takes us inside the “revolution game” to look at where we came from and where we’re headed on the precipice of this new era.

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Ondi Timoner

Executive Producer:

Joe Berlinger, Bahman Naraghi, Kasia Neiman, James Packer


Ondi Timoner, David Turner


Ondi Timoner


Jesse Gordon, Ondi Timoner


Morgan Doctor

Principal Cast:

Jaime Rogozinski, Jordan Belfort, Anthony Scaramucci, Raoul Pal, Joby Weeks, Joel Perez, Blayne Macauley, Mitchell Hennessy, Taylor Price, ProTheDoge

Additional Credits:

Production Sound: Morgan Doctor, John Rosales, Jim Robertson, Production Coordinators: Antonio Stellato, Erica Frager, Assistant Production Coordinator: Elise Dodge, Additional Editing: Anders Bramsen, Darianna Cardilli, David Timoner, Christoper Smith, Assistant Editor: Nassim El Bouhtouri, Assistant Editors: Derek Bosko, Jenny Hochberg, Joshua Tong, Ethan Davidove, Scott Noda, Ismail Rashed, Michael Vincent Siegel,Tyler Gurd, Story Producers: Jenny Hochberg, Clay Haskell, Bradley Glenn , Re-Recording Mixer: Chris Testa, Colorist: Jerimiah Morey, Music Supervisor: Otis Rachtman




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David Turner
Interloper Films

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Liz Berger

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