Color Consciousness

Mar 11, 2023

10:00am – 11:30am CT

Advance sign-up is required, and access is limited to the Primary Badge type listed. Sign-ups for workshops will open in late February.

The role of color, as a powerful tool in the art of filmmaking, is often underestimated. This workshop draws upon the extraordinary works of the filmmakers Barry Jenkins, Andrew Dominic and George Cukor amongst others and looks at the role color has played to underscore the emotions in their films. The workshop will use exercises so participants can explore color within the context of their own lives and illuminate how deeply personal and visceral their own reactions to specific colors can be. Language and memory, when it comes to color, are extremely poor, and I will engage participants to experience some of the challenges that artists face each day in achieving the desired look of a film. The workshop will also show that color as a language need not have any set rules, and hence filmmakers can invent their own language. For instance in the film Moonlight, Barry Jenkins used a intense magenta to denote emotional violence and then a desaturated version to show safety. Finally, I will draw upon my own experiences and work as a digital intermediate colorist to illuminate how extraordinary color can be in helping to emphasize both the story and emotions within the visual art of cinema.

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