Will your movie be missing in 20 years?

Mar 13, 2023

2:30pm – 4:00pm CT

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The Association of Moving Image Archivists and Missing Movies offers this session to preserve your legacy. Do you know if your film will survive the next decade? Are you taking steps now to ensure it will be around for future viewings? Join us to gain helpful tools and checklists that you can take today to guarantee that your films is preserved and in a secure location so that it will be here in 5-50 years.
The film world is no stranger to the tragedy of irrecoverable loss, as a staggering 85% of the silent era are lost–an oft-repeated statistic that serves as a warning of what may happen without proactive preservation of our art. However, less awareness surrounds the contemporary issue of film loss of more recent films to the issues surrounding the precariousness of digital filmmaking.

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