Good, Evil and Avatars: Ethics in the Metaverse

Mar 12, 2023

11:30am – 12:30pm CT

Recording: Good, Evil and Avatars: Ethics in the Metaverse, Mar 12, 2023

Technology has a bad reputation – it’s been used to amplify hate, misinformation and bullying – but inherently, technology is neutral. We’re in a state where technology has been used to build spaces that promote or even enable bad behavior, but as humans we are social beings who, most of the time, tend to be good to each other. With so much attention on building a platform for the metaverse, technology pioneers have the chance to create with good, not evil, in mind. How can we leverage technology to ultimately bring humanity together? Philip Rosedale, founder of pioneering metaverse Second Life, will discuss the importance of creating tech for good, how to design virtual worlds that can improve human interactions, and what this means for the future of the metaverse and, maybe, mankind.

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photo of Philip Rosedale
Philip Rosedale

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