Protein Re-Evolution: Cellular, Myco and Insect Ag

Mar 10, 2023

11:30am – 12:30pm CT

Recording: Protein Re-Evolution: Cellular, Myco and Insect Ag, Mar 10, 2023

Dominant livestock industries have negative impacts on people and planet. As populations increase, we need to fill plates with ethical, sustainable, and nourishing food, while fulfilling consumers' needs for tasty, familiar, and culturally-appropriate ingredients. Change-makers are disrupting dominant food industries through innovation in alternative proteins, but the consumer remains wavering at the center. How can alternative protein innovators convince eaters to switch beef burgers to cellular, insect, or fungi proteins – and should they? The future of food hinges on convincing the consumer. Join a midwestern cricket farmer, a fungi-focused chemical engineer, and an investor driving cellular ag innovation in a discussion on the whys and hows of the future of protein.

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Lejjy Gafour

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