Elephants: The Climate Mitigators & Shackled Gods

Mar 11, 2023

10:00am – 11:00am CT

Recording: Elephants: The Climate Mitigators & Shackled Gods, Mar 11, 2023

Globally acclaimed filmmaker, author, founder of VFAES and Nat Geo Explorer Sangita Iyer is a passionate elephant conservationist and climate advocate, dedicated to protecting Asian elephants. They are endangered with approximately 40,000 left on the entire planet, 27,000+ in India, their last bastion. Sangita's extensive research reveals that elephants are climate mitigators. They disperse seeds in their dung and promote the growth of hardwood trees that sequester more CO2, a potent greenhouse gas. Yet, across Asia, they're being captured from the wild in order to be paraded in glamorous festivals and exploited for profit behind the insidious veil of culture and religion, disrupting the forest ecosystems that sustain life. Climate change is borderless and impacts all of us.

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photo of Sangita Iyer
Sangita Iyer

Voice for Asian Elephants Society

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