Presented by The New Japan Islands

Digital Nature: Embracing Pluriversalism and Inclusivity

Mar 13, 2023

11:30am – 12:30pm CT

Recording: Digital Nature: Embracing Pluriversalism and Inclusivity, Mar 13, 2023

In this talk, media artist and researcher Yoichi Ochiai will explore the concept of digital nature and its potential to promote sustainability, inclusivity, and diversity. Drawing on his deep knowledge of Japanese culture and history, Ochiai will examine the ancient era of Jomon and its influence on Japanese culture, and how traditional Japanese arts and practices can be adapted to the digital age. He will also discuss the evolution of artificial intelligence and the impact it is having on our society, as well as the intersection of art and technology and how these fields can work together to create new possibilities for creativity and expression.

Throughout his talk, Ochiai will discuss the importance of finding harmony with digital nature, and using ancient Japanese wisdom to create a more harmonious and diverse world. He will discuss the role of technology in this process, and how we can approach innovation in a way that promotes ethical and sustainable development. Ultimately, Ochiai's talk will provide a roadmap for creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and harmonious world through the intersection of technology and culture.

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Yoichi Ochiai

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