Culture Wars on Food: How Political Identity is Shaping the Way We Eat

Mar 12, 2023

4:00pm – 5:00pm CT

Recording: Culture Wars on Food: How Political Identity is Shaping the Way We Eat, Mar 12, 2023

From Dr. Oz’ misguided crudité plate to Joe Biden’s play for folksy charm via hoagie, to Beyonce’s (and then Hilary’s!) declaration of cultural ownership by carrying hot sauce in her purse, food is a gateway to people’s most primal needs, fears and desires. In our social media-driven world, food has become as strong of an external signifier as fashion. It is a universal language, and emerging brands are taking notice, building products tailored to the message they aim to deliver, or, more precisely, the one they expect their audience to use their product to convey. This presents a conundrum, as ingredient lists, brand language and even packaging colors have become politicized: the vegan cookies that become all the rage in Austin will probably be ridiculed in a more conservative West Texas. This session will explore the question, how do more socially progressive brands thrive or survive in a conservative environment?
Join Wunderkeks Co-Founder Hans Schrei and Snaxshot creator Andrea Hernández in a conversation filled with futurecasting and inspiring stories of navigating food brands through the political polarization of the 21st century.

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Hans Schrei


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