How to use Economics for Good Global Citizenship

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How can we empower humanity to thrive through economic models and principals?

Economics is a powerful tool to influence positive change at scale. What are the negative and destructive impacts to life, and what are positives that serve to improve well-being, human happiness and equality? How can we as global citizens adjust our focus to help the world?

Howard and Kristy bring a new lens to micro and macroeconomic principals through their professional, first-hand experience and knowledge, discussing “the dark” features of toxic efficiency, scarcity, game theory and GDP, and “the light” in GHI, reduced crime rates, increased time to justice, positive productivity in governments and bi-partisan policy.

Explore the meaning we attach to 'value' and how we can use economics to advocate for good global citizenship that aligns for society's common goals, inclusive of the welfare of every citizen.

Programming descriptions are generated by participants and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SXSW.

Kristy Theissling

The Good Global Publication

Howard Tunnicliffe

The Economist

This event will be in person


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