Digital Ads: Climate’s Next Great Battleground

Mar 12, 2023

2:30pm – 3:30pm CT

Recording: Digital Ads: Climate’s Next Great Battleground, Mar 12, 2023

A single digital ad impression produces around one gram of CO2. Multiply that by the trillions of ad impressions transacted each year, and a major climate issue emerges.

As the inventor of the ad exchange, the former CTO of Right Media and the former CEO of AppNexus, few people are more notable and more qualified to talk about digital advertising and the climate crisis than Brian O’Kelley.

In this talk, Brian will talk about how advertisers can reduce tons of carbon emissions a year with minimal impact to the reach or efficiency of their advertising. It's fast, cheap, and – dare he say – easy. According to Brian, going green will require a new system that rewards fewer auctions with higher-quality ads, reduces the number of intermediaries between advertisers and publishers and cuts down on redundancies in the complex bidding systems he helped invent. You can’t solve the problem without changing the system and this talk lays out his 3-part plan to get us there…fast.

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Duncan Meisel

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