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Interactive Canada House

Mar 14, 2023

11:00am – 5:00pm CT

Come experience the best of Quebec’s interactive scene!

From 11am to 5pm on Monday and Tuesday @ SXSW.

Lowbirth Games - This Bed We Made

This Bed We Made est un jeu vidéo de mystère narratif à la troisième personne pour PC et consoles qui propose de satisfaire sa curiosité à l'égard de la vie privée d'inconnus.

Felix & Paul Studios - Space Explorers - Spacewalkers

In spring 2021, Felix & Paul Studios sent the first-ever cinematic virtual reality camera designed to operate in the vacuum of space to the International Space Station. The result is a spectacular fully immersive experience that allows you to witness the world’s first spacewalk captured in cinematic VR as if you were actually there. Take in a view of our world like never before.

Dpt., ONF - Plastisapiens

By Miri Chekhanovich and Édith Jorisch with Dpt.

Produced by Dpt., the National Film Board of Canada and Lalibela Productions.

What is the future of human identity? Plastisapiens takes you on a soothing and playful virtual reality journey where organic beings and plastic become one.

Gentilhomme - Fungimushi

Like mushrooms, the interconnected and mysterious creators of our world, Fungimushi is an interactive and virtual experience that invites players to work together to find the best solution to the puzzles that come their way. Transported through a fantasy-looking undergrowth, players must find the best way to position the wooden blocks to create a passage to the next level.

Item7, Belga Productions, Dpt. - Marco & Polo Go Round

A simple parable about love takes a surreal turn when a young couple’s lives are quite literally turned upside-down.

E.D. FILMS - The Garden VR (proto)

A fleshy newborn timidly emerges from a mossy hole, its naked feet tickled by the prickles of the forest floor. Making its way into the sunshine of a lush new morning, it rediscovers its place in the world. Come play and explore. You are the Garden; the Garden is you.

Studio 4DArt, Michel Lemieux, Hubblo - Invisible

In an enigmatic world where everything is collapsing, an old man comes face to face with himself. In the end, what is left? Dust, a glimmer of light and the laughter of an invisible man.

Fig55, Hubblo, Michel DT Lam - Innere Musik

Immersive portrait of Grand Orgue Pierre-Béique.

Nish Media, Hubblo, Sonia Bonspille Boileau - William

William tells the story of a 9-year-old boy who was taken from his family and forcibly placed in one of the 139 residential schools that sprang up in Canada over a period of more than a hundred years.

Maki Media, Hubblo, Francis Gélinas - Les Mimistoires : Épisode - Les triples rêves du petit garçon

A boy wakes up in his bedroom. Surprised, he sees that his bed is surrounded by water. To add to the surprise, her parents' bedroom door leads to a surreal, endless desert.

Phosphen, Hubblo, Jean-François Éthier - Partitura

The user, immersed in the unique point of view of the Maestro, can visualize the musical staves of each group of instruments like karaoke, in addition to being able to isolate them sonically and visually in an interactive way.

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