Presented by House of Creative Denmark

Storytelling Superpowers: How Scandinavia is Building Trust and Reshaping Global Marketing with Technology

Mar 12, 2023

11:00am – 12:00pm CT

Storytelling has always been a powerful tool for communicating ideas, inspiring change, and building relationships. With the rise of technology and design thinking, new opportunities have emerged for how we tell stories – from immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences to innovative cross-sectoral collaborations that prioritize human-centered design. At the same time, building trust with audiences has become more important than ever, with a growing need to demonstrate authenticity, transparency, and empathy in the stories we tell.

This debate will explore how marketing professionals in Scandinavia are changing the global marketing landscape through the use of storytelling and technology. The debate will discuss the role of storytelling in building trust with customers and how technology is enhancing this process. The debate will also highlight how Scandinavian brands are using technology to connect with consumers in innovative ways and the impact of these strategies on the global marketing industry.

- Jakob Stigler, Co-Founder & Co-CEO @Mano
- Katrine Konyher, VR & AR Marketing Specialist @Khora
- Michael Jeppesen, Founder @Must
- Henriette Weber, Communication Partner @Andel

- Majken Kalhave, Executive Director @Creative Denmark

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