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Lush House

Monday, March 13th - 10:00am - 6:00pm, 7:30pm - midnight (wrap party)

All are welcome at The Lush House—a playful experience that celebrates our vibrant heritage and the bright future ahead.

Lush Cosmetics infamously came off all Meta platforms in 2021 in a controversial move, praised and criticized by the industry in equal measures. Join us to be immersed in creative chaos and learn how we're pushing the boundaries of innovation at the intersection of cosmetics, activism and technology by exploring what it means to be anti-social and inventing an ethical digital future.

What's on today:

11:00am A Fresh Approach to Skincare
Join the Lush compounders (cosmetic chefs who make our products) in the Kitchen to see how our best-selling Angels on Bare Skin Facial Cleanser is made.

12:00pm Internet Shutdowns in 2022: In Conversation with Access Now
Authorities around the world are imposing internet shutdowns at staggering rates. A new report created by Access Now found that in 2022 alone, governments and other actors disrupted the internet at least 187 times across 35 countries. Join Lush's Advocacy & Activism Manager Carleen Pickard to unpack this report and the impact of internet shutdowns as part of the global fight for human rights.

1:00pm In Conversation With... Judy Lee & Annabelle Baker
Judy Lee, Head of Global Brand Experiences at Pinterest, joins Annabelle Baker, Global Brand Director at Lush, for a conversation about how brands are evolving their approach to community, connection and engagement through social media.

2:00pm The Future of Immersive Storytelling
As IRL and URL become indistinguishable, the experiential nature of digital interaction should be harnessed to provide playful, fun and life-affirming moments. In this future-facing discussion, we'll explore how brands can adopt virtual and mixed reality technologies to deepen the connection with audiences and take fandom to the next level via immersive storytelling.

3:00pm Closing the Loop: Business Innovation to Drive Circular Economy
How do businesses of scale truly shift from linear models of take, make and dispose to a circular flow of materials and resources? This panel discussion moderated by Aaron Tabas, Chief Sustainability Officer at Vox, will explore innovations in packaging, partnerships and ethical technology that close the loop as we accelerate toward a circular economy.

4:00pm Social Media Reinvented
The promise of social media has long been connection, expression and community, but consumers predominantly experience digital platforms as hostile spaces. Join Lush Global Brand Director Annabelle Baker in a conversation with Frances Haugen, former product manager at Meta and advocate for transparency and accountability in social media, about the future of social media and what it will mean to be digitally SOCIAL going forward—sustainable; open-sourced; community-controlled; iterative, accessible; and life-affirming.

7:30pm Lush House Wrap Party
That’s a wrap! Join us at our Lush House wrap party for an incredible performance from DJ, singer and songwriter TOMI.

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