Presented by DRUNKLUCK Records

Zach Witness

Mar 18, 2023

1:00am – 2:00am CT

Higher Ground

This performance is part of the showcase that starts on Friday, March 17at Higher Ground

Dallas native Zach Witness has reached heights most seldom reach across numerous lifetimes. From playing drums in punk bands as a kid, to becoming a DJ turntablist prodigy before he could drive, to leading an entire regional movement known as Dallas Boogie, to single-handedly producing an entire album for Erykah Badu in his bedroom studio at his mother’s house, his scope is vastly wide. Most would have happily settled for any one of these vistas, but for Zach it really is about the journey, not the destination. And what a journey he's had already. A journey which has led him to far out places with far out people. People like Frank Ocean, Nile Rodgers, and Hip Hop’s very own unicorn, André 3000, of whom all personally summoned Zach for creative collaborations. And places like London, England where Zach lived for three years acquiring his prima materia. Now determined to alchemize all of the experience and knowledge he’s acquired along the way, artistry is Zach's final frontier, stepping full force into the role of both artist and performer. Needless to say, Zach isn’t one to just watch, he’s truly one to Witness.

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