Presented by Jaded & Balming Tiger

Liu Lee

Mar 15, 2023

9:30pm – 10:10pm CT

Cheer Up Charlie's Indoor

Musician Liu Lee, who has been engaged in various activities around Seoul, directly talks about the boldness she wants to talk about with her 90s style, electrocrash, and sound using breakbeats.
Starting with the 2019 single [dandelion], she made a strong first greeting with the 2020 single [shh...] and 2021 debut EP "Jasmine". She also held events such as [Party Jasmine] and [Bodyhole X].

As a DJ career, she has recently performed DJing in various places such as Rotterdam, Berlin, and Tokyo.
Currently, she participates as a member of the party group Megass in Seoul and plays hard techno, break, and Bass genres in major veneers in Seoul.

On February 17, she will release her second EP, "Lick," and will continue her narrative with different music.

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