Presented by SXSW Stands With Ukraine


Mar 18, 2023

10:10pm – 10:50pm CT

Inn Cahoots Outdoor

KAZKA prepared for a SXSW Ukrainian Music Showcase three years ago and COVID cancelled the Festival. In 2022 KAZKA was again scheduled. Then Russia invaded Ukraine just weeks before their performance. Only Sasha, Oleksandra Zaritska, singer for the group, was able to travel out from the war to perform. With great courage she came alone to raise awareness and spread the truth about the Russia-Ukraine war. KAZKA's multi-instrumentalist Mykyta Budash and wind instrumentalist Dmytro Mazuriak were not able to leave the war.

SXSW planned a dedicated showcase to introduce Ukrainian music to the US, with musicians who sang in the Ukrainian language, incorporated traditional instruments, and reimagined traditional songs and sounds. Young Ukrainians were becoming aware of their identity and were shouting out "WE ARE UKRAINIAN" in their music. KAZKA, Ukrainian for "fairy tale", an experimental pop band mixing electronic rhythms and Ukrainian folk themes was on the vanguard of that wave of consciousness.

Now. KAZKA will return, in a very special Ukrainian Showcase to celebrate Ukrainian music.
The efforts to destroy Ukrainian culture and art will not succeed. Join us for our celebration.

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