Pink Nasty Meets El Cento

Mar 18, 2023

8:10pm – 8:50pm CT

Las Perlas

Pink Nasty Meets El Cento. What’s in a name? What’s in a pseudonym? Not much perhaps… but here’s the story of these two pseudonyms. In the 2010s Pink Nasty had a couple records under her belt and an active band. El Cento joined and played guitar in that band. Lots of shows were played. Good shows and good times. No new records were made but plans to make records were made. Then things… changed. Things sputtered to a halt. People drifted apart. Let’s not dwell on why. Crickets for several years.

Then one day in 2018 El Cento unexpectedly crossed paths with Pink Nasty. A frank conversation was had. Hatchets were buried and apologies were made. Shortly after that the pair met up at El Cento’s studio in Austin and wrote a song. A pretty good song. They came back the next week and did the same thing. This time a great song appeared. So they kept coming back until they had written enough songs to make a record.

Fast forward through recording, a pandemic, mixing, mastering and life in general and here were in 2022. A great record in the can and a 2023 SXSW showcase ahead.

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