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Narrative Shorts Program 1

Mar 15, 2023

6:30pm – 8:12pm CT

Queenie, a precocious 7 year-old, brims with confidence and swagger. She fearlessly scours the subways and streets of New York City searching for ways to make a dollar. From basketball charity schemes to peddling roses, Queenie is relentless and unstoppable. As we follow a day in her life, we ultimately wonder what Queenie's true intentions are and why this little girl is working so hard on a school day.

Carol begins a normal day only to find out that her heart medication has doubled in price. Afraid, but not without hope, she sets out to find a solution. She goes to work, tries to borrow from family and friends, even attempts a desperate appeal to the Social Security Administration, only to in the end be forced to a desperate act.

A frigid winter on the Mongolian steppe, an untimely snowstorm aggravated the lives of a pregnant herder and her 8-year-old daughter: the missing flock of sheep, the unborn child, the absent husband, traces of wolves...... everything led the mother and daughter to places they’ve never been.

In the heart of a foggy and rural Quebec winter, Luce, a grieving mother faced with the disappearance of her son, is taken aback when three local hunters track down the alleged killer, a seemingly harmless young man. When it is proposed to her to take revenge on the latter, the spirit of the masses slowly takes possession of her tragedy as the group sinks into the forest. "Les Battues" blurs the line between victim and persecutor in a dreamlike and anxiety-inducing thriller.

It’s the early 2000’s, and it’s been months since Meyi has seen her Father and Ezeresi has seen her husband. Meyi is a young Ugandan-American girl, who has yet to see the world beyond her Mother’s arms. An anxious middle child, Meyi often gets lost in the shuffle between first born son, Winston, and her younger sister, Baby Charlotte. But Ezeresi pays special attention to her eldest daughter, who only speaks in whispers. She has built a life for her three children, one where she is the all-knowing matriarch. This all changes when the family embarks on a bus ride from Albany, New York to Tulsa, Oklahoma to reunite with Christopher, the children’s estranged Father.

An Israeli family’s equilibrium gradually disintegrates as a mysterious sound is heard every evening at the door of their apartment.

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