Independent TV Pilot Program

Mar 12, 2023

5:15pm – 6:49pm CT

"A Guide to Not Dying Completely Alone" follows a gay Asian writer who passes out in a gay bar bathroom, wakes up in the hospital, and realizes he is detached from society. Terrified of dying alone, he decides to change his life for the better and chronicles his journey in a book he writes called "A Guide To Not Dying Completely Alone!" A bitchy "Eat, Pray, Love" for 2022, this show is about mortality, forgiveness, and starting over, all from a gay Asian perspective. But it isn't about our differences, it's about what makes us similar. And it isn't about dying, it's about how to live.

Set in the Bay area, buddy comedy "Chuchi & Adaliz" is a five episode single-camera digital series that follows childhood besties who, despite having a shared racial and ethnic identity as AfroPuerto Ricans, couldn’t be more different from each other as adults. When Adaliz loses her high powered corporate job in San Francisco and moves in with Chuchi in Oakland, the audience watches avatars of San Francisco (Adaliz) and Oakland (Chuchi) and how their socioeconomic differences shape behavior, as San Francisco is 54.4% more expensive to live in than Oakland. They're in for a rude awakening when they realize that what brought them together as kids isn't enough to keep them together as adults.

Having recently lost his father, Rogelio, 14, is an impressionable youth who thinks he’s 'grown.' After devising a way to sneak into a strip club with his friends Larry and Chaz, Ro will have to deal with the pressure of hiding this plan from the women who raised him while coping with recurring visions of his late father. With the help of his older sister Chelly, Ro finds himself at a crossroads when he realizes the disconnect between the man he thought his father was, and the man his sister remembers.

A van-living joke writer wanders the industrial zone at night. He encounters ominous strangers and witnesses unnatural phenomena but that will hardly stop him from working up new material.

Squatting in Amsterdam two friends, Dave and Sam, struggle with success, their queerness and substance addictions, until Marvin, a magic dream manifesting fridge shows up and gives them everything they want, but soon learn that their shiny materialistic world is not what they expected.

Henry, a handyman who looks like he plays in a death metal band, enjoys the chill and laid back life he has curated for himself very carefully. After receiving a call from his business partner, Dennis, to fix a bathtub for a young couple, we quickly realize that they have just been in a big fight and all is not ok. In spite of his scary exterior, Henry, with his kind and earnest nature, can't help but feel a call to help diffuse what could potentially be a dangerous situation.

In a quest to make a career out of the unlikely job of mobile notary public, Jackie Gonzales brings her best friend, Louise Bass, into the profession to teach her the ropes, but finds there's no way to prepare for situations like this. While signing a power of attorney, Jackie and Louise are met with a man on his literal death bed, and his gold digger (with a heart of gold) wife. Prepared to do whatever it takes to get the documents signed and get paid, they make the game-time decision to go ahead with the job, and maybe break the law.

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