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Narrative Shorts Program 3

Mar 11, 2023

5:30pm – 7:14pm CT

“Breaking Fast with a Coca Cola” follows two Turkish American teenagers, Özlem and Ada, who decide to fast for Ramadan for the first time. The twist is that their immigrant parents, in an effort to assimilate in an ethnically and religiously homogeneous American suburb in the Midwest, left traditions like fasting for Ramadan behind in Turkey. Özlem and Ada, desperate to connect with the culture of their ancestors, must hide their fast from their parents. Through strategic planning and a few hiccups along the way, Özlem and Ada successfully maneuver around their parents, culturally clueless neighbors, and grumbling stomachs to make it through a day of fasting and evening of feasting.

In the Colombian Caribbean, a group of queer activists practice a militancy that challenges heteropatriarchal norms while engaging in other causes to collectively fight against the various social injustices that plague the region. When the management of the country's largest coal mine announces a press conference to promote the development of mining, the group prepares to carry out a denunciatory performative action... and resolutely queer.

Morteza beats up his 3 years old daughter in one of her weekly visits. Later on, he asks his older sister, Pari, to help him calm his daughter and handle the situation. Pari cares for the child’s wounds and then in order to prevent her from telling the truth to her mother, Pari starts a game and through this game, tries to manipulate the child’s mind so she remembers the whole incident as a simple game with his father. Pari seems to become successful in fulfilling her plan, but at the final scene it becomes clear that the truth wont be hidden for ever.

Leonetty Jones, a quite reserved 10-year-old Black boy. He is sent by his estranged Mother to live with his elderly Grandmother in a small house located further south. His Grandmother has been subjected to being bedridden for majority of her days due to her deteriorating health. As a result, Leonetty is left responsible for taking care of the day to day household work; taking out the trash, washing dishes, sweeping floors etc. The time he does get to himself is spent playing with the local neighborhood kids, all of whom are African American but are considerably lighter than Leonetty in terms of skin complexion. This leaves Leonetty as an outcast during a critical time in his young life.

Amid the high anxiety of post-9/11 NYC, a struggling post-production house is hired to remove a shot of the Twin Towers from the intro to a hit TV show.

The night of a sorority hazing event, Scotty, a college freshman, must make an impression on the older girl she wants as her “big”. As the night goes on, Scotty realizes how far she’s willing to go to prove herself. Power dynamics are not what they seem.

Jane and Teddy are on the brink of divorce – but when their marital problems come to a sticking point, they have an unexpected breakthrough.

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