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Innovating the next generation of "play and entertainment"

2-37-25, Eitai, Koto-ku, Tokyo,JAPAN

At Bandai Namco Research Inc. we innovate the next generation of “play and entertainment”, exploring cutting-edge technology. For this year’s SXSW, we launch one of our new projects “ELMIRAIVE” - an artificial intelligent virtual character, DJ “MIRAI KOMACHI”. Using the K-seg system, she interacts with the audiences’ reaction by selecting the most suited music to set the mood for the club night. This allows the audience to experience an immersed sensation both in IRL and URL.


Hiroshi Okubo

BANDAI NAMCO Research Inc.

Ryoichi Kaku

BANDAI NAMCO Research Inc.

Shohei Nakanowatari

BANDAI NAMCO Research Inc.