JAMS The Flava Child

JAMS The Flava Child is an independent artist from Chicago and has been crowned by XXL as an artist to watch out for. Whether it be Cadillac cruisin' the streets of Chicago or on a beach in Los Angeles sippin' a smoothie, JAMS' music is influenced by his lifestyle; living healthy, admiring the finer things, and luxuries in life, and living his best life.

Being influenced by the forefathers that laid the groundwork before him, JAMS’ sound blends tons of elements of soul, funk, classic hip-hop, and more to tie it all together and immerse the listeners into his world and what goes on in his mind. His authenticity within his character speaks volumes in his music, creating a world that thrives off of real-life situations, emotions, feelings, and battles that shaped him to be the man that he is today. 

Bleeding pure originality and not compromising who he is for fame, JAMS is more than just a musical artist, but a brand. Representing the hustle, resilience, and belief in oneself, JAMS' impact will stand the test of time, as he is the epitome and a prime example of never giving up.

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Events featuring JAMS The Flava Child

Mar 18, 2023
9:15pm — 9:25pm
Presented by
Chicago, IL
Hip-Hop / Rap
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