After Geannie Friedman played in a hardcore band called Kite Flying Society in Florida in the early 2000’s, and leading twee-pop bands named Saving Twilight, The Weak Ends, and the Wonderers; Semihelix was formed in 2012 in Austin, TX. They’re a dream pop/psych 90’s fuzz and delay collaboration, with melodic yet loud sounds including influences of The Kinks, Black Tambourine, Sebadoh, and Sonic Youth. The songs speak of love, resilience, overcoming hard times, systematic oppression, living in the present moment, acceptance, and gratitude. The band released their latest full-length “Recoil” on Mariel Recording Company on October 1st of 2021 at the Hen House with Matt Gerhard (Spoon, Shearwater). They’ve received international recognition from the album, including reviews, write-ups, and radios play. They’re recording singles this year leading up to a 7” and another full length with Matt Gerhard. The band is currently Geannie Friedman on guitar and vocals, Mikey Cota on bass, and Valdemar Barrera on drums and vocals.

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Events featuring Semihelix

Mar 18, 2023
8:00pm — 8:40pm
Presented by
The Loyalty Firm
Austin, TX
Dream Pop
Professional Connections
Semihelix is seeking the following:
  • Sync/Music Supervisors