R Tyler

R Tyler is an algorithmic dance (“algorave”) musician, producer, keyboardist, artist, DJ, and computational biologist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He performs with live-coding, using a combination of TidalCycles, custom Python code, and Ableton Live to create danceable house and techno with complex rhythms and jazz and microtonal harmonies. He designs beats with custom machine learning software, rhythm enumerators, and code generators. To explore the space between expressive human instrumentation and chaotic algorithmic composition, he makes extensive use of his software tool that translates his jazz-influenced MIDI keyboard playing into executable code that he then remixes with algorithms and improvisation.

A member of the AV Club collective, he has performed at over 14 algorave events since 2020, including GitHub, San Francisco, New York, Portland, San Diego, and multiple international livestream events. Each set features hundreds of lines of visible and rhythmically executed code, resulting in a dozen or so original compositions that he blends together in fast DJ-like sets. He also likes to DJ footwork and techno and has several releases on bandcamp.

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Events featuring R Tyler

Mar 13, 2023
11:15pm — 11:45pm
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