Gay Meat

Bed of Every is the debut EP from Gay Meat, the solo project of the North Carolina-based rock musician Karl
Kuehn (Museum Mouth, Kississippi, Say Anything). Following a run of woozy one-off singles, the new EP
features five unassuming bangers that meld well-worn hallmarks of indie and emo with Kuehn’s
self-deprecating wit and brazen sentimentality. Coming in at just under 13 minutes, Bed of Every offers listeners
a brief yet enthralling glimpse into the private world of a gifted songwriter with a lot on his mind.

Kuehn has been calling Bed of Every his “neurotic pop song EP,” a half-joke that actually sort of perfectly
captures how the music marries addictive melodicism with thoughtful poetry about queer romance and
mental health. The description also hints at the extreme interiority of the collection’s point of view, at the way
these five songs are linked not by an aesthetic or an idea or a mood, but by a single human brain. In this
instance, that brain belongs to Kuehn — a lovable, dewey-eyed depressive with a knack for making sad-as-hell
rock songs that get lodged in your brain and trapped in your heart.

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Events featuring Gay Meat

Mar 15, 2023
8:00pm — 8:40pm
Presented by
Tiger Bomb Promo
Wilmington, NC
Indie Rock
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