Billy King & The Bad Bad Bad

Billy King and The Bad Bad Bad is a band whose band name alone evokes a curiosity that lurks in the mind dangerously. Like an amalgamation of rebellion, acid-laced beach parties, and anti-establishment activism, you can’t help but recall a sensation of déjà vu; connecting each other through familiarity while forging new pathways. These outlaws came from nowhere, like creatures of the night, to indoctrinate you into an era since been forgotten. Billy King and The Bad Bad Bad is anticipating a fast moving 2023 calendar year with single releases such as "Show and Tell", "Heartbreaker", and "Re-Animated" expected to come by summer.

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Events featuring Billy King & The Bad Bad Bad

Mar 17, 2023
9:00pm — 9:40pm
Presented by
Spaceflight Records
Austin, TX
Classic Rock
Professional Connections
Billy King & The Bad Bad Bad is seeking the following:
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