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English Teaching: A manual for beginners

“Leeds’ music scene is the best in the world”, Lily Fontaine, English Teacher’s vocalist, guitarist, and synthesist declares without a blink of hesitation. Doug Frost, drummer, helpfully elaborates: “Even though it’s really small, there’s a huge jazz scene, there’s a huge classical scene, a big folk scene, a lot of techno. It’s got everything.” Lead Guitarist Lewis Whitling chips in too: “It’s so compact as well! There’s lots of music venues in a small space.”

“It’s a very incestuous scene,”, Lily, one-time moonlighter for fellow West Yorkshire band Eades concludes, “but that’s why it’s such a good place.”

Contemporaries at Leeds College of Music (now Leeds Conservatoire) who mingled at various house parties as students, English Teacher’s four working parts - completed by bassist Nicholas Eden - had each been tinkering on their own various projects before, at last, settling on each other’s talents. Lily, Doug and Nicholas were house-sharing when they invited Lewis for a front-room ‘rehearsal’, and began working on new material post-haste. ”Straight away when Lily asked me to come out and see what it was like, it clicked pretty quickly

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