Dat Garcia (ZZK Records) is an Argentinian singer, producer, composer, activist and performer. García's music and activism focus on female empowerment and the vindication of monstrosity and non-hegemonic beauty.

Dat is one of the most influential female producers of Latin American electronic music scene, and one of the spokeswomen and storytellers of the new women’s movement that questions traditional values and emphasizes body consciousness to construct a new more equal society.

Dat is part of this new generation of musicians who explore their roots, manifesting in new ideas, with new technologies. If until now the digital folklore club was almost exclusively for men, Dat Garcia enters to change the paradigm and make the voices of women heard, telling strong and deep stories that welcome us to his world of sounds and folkfuturistic aesthetics.

Recently on tour in Brazil and Colombia, where she stood out in Rock al Parque, Garcia’s been touring around the world with her show, conferences and workshops after her outstanding showcases in 2019 at FIMPRO Guadalajara and WOMEX Finland, conquering new audiences from all over the world.

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Events featuring DAT GARCIA

Mar 16, 2023
9:00pm — 9:40pm
Presented by
ZZK Records
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Professional Connections
DAT GARCIA is seeking the following:
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  • Booking Agent - UK/Europe
  • Booking Agent - Worldwide
  • Sync/Music Supervisors