Gus Englehorn

Before Montreal singer-songwriter Gus Englehorn was signed to Secret City Records he lived in a cabin in the woods and wrote Dungeon Master, the cutest, heaviest, strangest rock'n'roll record you will hear this year. Before he made the record he lived in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he fell in love at first sight with a girl named Estée Preda, who plays drums like Moe Tucker on salvia.

Back then, Gus was a snowboarder—crisscrossing the world as a weird and world-class talent, kick-flipping through videos and shredding the gnar, posing in corporate-sponsored sunglasses.

For almost all of Gus's life, he dreamed of being a songwriter. If he couldn't be Dylan maybe he'd be Daniel Johnston—or Frank Black and The Pixies or maybe Darby Crash and The Germs. And when he finally emerged, he had found a sound that was dark and delightful, fun and demented, packed with dynamics and the chug of a hysterical guitar.

Dungeon Master, Englehorn's label debut, is an outsider opus that sparkles with Dada spirit. Surprising, paranoid, studded with synths and strings, Dungeon Master is deeper than a cellar, blunter than a club — a shivering introduction to an artist who's finally arrived.

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Events featuring Gus Englehorn

Mar 17, 2023
12:15am — 12:55am
Presented by
M for Montreal
Mar 18, 2023
7:00pm — 7:30pm
Presented by
Anniversary Group + No Gold
Montreal, QC, CANADA
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