credit: Rory Barnes


The word ‘redolent’ opens two avenues: to be strongly reminiscent or suggestive of something, or a sweet-smelling fragrance. For the band, their namesake is a word that carries so much beyond its definition. It functions not simply to stimulate an awakening to your own history, but is evocative, too, of a destination. It might seem simple to lean so heavily into a name on a first encounter, but when experiencing the sound of Redolent, there is no better place to start.

A lean into nostalgia supported by a decade of developing their sound, MBMFON stands as a culmination of the Edinburgh five-piece, coming to terms with not only their own lives, but also the significance carried in their name. Fronted by brothers Robin and Danny Herbert, alongside drummer Andrew Turnbull, bassist Robbie White, and Alice Hancock providing live samplers, Redolent find themselves searching for that joyous feeling found in retrospective glances that signify moving towards better things.

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Edinburgh, UK-SCOTLAND




Indie Pop

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