credit: Melissa E Logan

VooCha (Melissa E. Logan / Chicks on Speed) w/ Gaisma & Yohanna Logan

VooCha is never alone - and it is the alias for the nature of collaborative making. Core founder Melissa E. Logan works in collaboration with electro pioneer Laurie Spiegel, producers like Armageddon Turk, Eric D. Clark, and Christopher Just, as well as composer Gregor Schwellenbach, or performers like NLLY, Erobique, Ouro Renate. VooCha seamlessly glides between languages with vocals dropped in Spanish by Cecilia Candia, Korean by Chang Zun Chung and a Ganaish dialekt by Jesseline Sarkodie. Alisa Scetinina aka Gaisma contributes with her synth.

At SXSW 2023 VooCha will transport a live auditoria adventure, house and electro dance with modular synths controlled by antenna - an impassioned, and power-packed analog synth saturated set, intensified skewed vocals, or is this more sizzling synth? Digital sax, keys and multilingual lyrics, the mainly female group is on an auditory adventure, paving VooCha’s individualist path to fiercely give you sound wave pleasures.

The concert will be the first glimpse into the upcoming VooCha album “Static”. First single, “Mousecatchers” feat. Gaisma, will be out on March 8th, 2023 - on the cusp of VooCha’s SXSW showcase.

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