Kalush Orchestra

Kalush Orchestra is one of the young representatives of a vibrant Ukrainian-language hip-hop scene that has been trending in the past few years with dozens of top stars appearing in modern urban culture.

The key point of difference of Kalush Orchestra from other bands in Ukraine is the combination of ethnic music elements with modern sound production, hip-hop dances and Ukrainian-language rap.

All Kalush Orchestra band members have prior experience in Ukraine TV shows, such as The Voice, Ukraine’s Got Talent, and others. They are also members and collaborators with other bands from Ukraine’s developing hip-hop scene.

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra have won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, with their entry song Stefania. It happened on May 14 in Turin, Italy, a hip-hop band won a song contest with an additional 150 points.

Immediately after the victory at Eurovision-2022, the Kalush Orchestra went on a concert tour of Europe. All funds raised by the group at charity events go to help Ukraine.

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Hip-Hop / Rap