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Accessibility: The Next Big Thing in Tourism
Creating for The Second Puberty of Queer Adults
The Decentralization of Art as We Know it
Disability Representation in Future Stories
Exoneration Through Automation
Mental Health in the Music Industry
Artists, You Don’t Have To Go Viral
Author Meet Up
Mar 15, 2023
11:30am – 12:30pm CT
Combatting Climate Change with AI
Deepfakes: The Primary Threat to National Security
The Distro Deal Or The Distro Crisis?
The End of Events, The Dawn of Engagements
Featured Speaker: whurley
Mentor: Aasim Hasan (Moneta Ventures)
Mentor: Jess Clifton (MediaMonks)
Mentor: Josh Zieman (Inkind Music)
Mentor: Josiah Albertsen (Pandora)
Mentor:  Sarah Deren (Experience Camps)
Mentor: Søren Falk Madsen
Mentor: Sujan Hong (Qobuz USA)
Mentor: Timur Khabirov (Prequel Inc.)
Sports x Art: A Catalyst for Community
Wellness Shouldn’t Imply Whiteness
#DeathTok: How Gen Z is Reimagining Grief and Loss
Digital Equity for the Next Gen
Evolution of the Private Markets
Expanding The Possibilities of Audio Storytelling
Featured Session: Killer Mike
How Values-Based Marketing Fuels Travel Now
Mentor: Allison Shaw (Manic Monkee)
Mentor: Jamie Burgess (BEN)
Mentor: Kali Bradford (SyncVault)
Mentor: Mark DeSantis (Bloomfield)
Mentor: Michelle Hayward (Bluedog)
Mentor: Sanaz Lavaedian (MOCEAN)
Mentor: William Church (ATC Live)
Rebuilding the Touring Industry from Scratch
US Indian Boarding Schools: The Stolen Generations
Fostering Diversity & Equity in the Music Industry
Mar 15, 2023
4:00pm – 5:00pm CT
Presented by:
Veva Collect
How Purpose Can Guide Responsible Tech
Mentor: Brittany Douziech
Mentor: Dan Driscoll (Boutiq)
Mentor: Jessica Paine (Sync Vault)
Mentor: Kevin Shay (Koodoos Inc.)
Space Innovations Changing the World
Trans 201: Beyond Pronouns and Bathrooms
Welcoming Our Autonomous Overlords
Women in Music Meet Up