Frances Tang

Founder/Captain Awkward/Ceo
Awkward Essentials

Frances is the founder/Captain Awkward/CEO of Awkward Essentials, a company that makes personal solutions for hella personal problems. She is also the inventor of the dripstick - an after-sex cleanup sponge.

She attended UC San Diego and obtained her degree in Communications, with no idea of what she wanted to do. Over the course of the past decade, she’s had a dozen jobs ranging from hula dancing to baking to wedding photography. Her intention was never to build a company around post-sex cleanup. However, after accidentally launching in the UK a month before she got married, Frances built one anyway. She loves experiential marketing, sarcastic humor, and activities that require flexibility (which she does not have). She’s also a super cheerleader for fearlessness, trying new things, and ice cream.

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