Jude Dai

Founder and product manager
Immersive Square / Lantern Ensemble

Jude is the team lead for Lantern Ensemble, a minimal, collective and persistent water lantern painting experience that connects participants through a simple and communal activity in virtual reality. The three anchors of emotion guide users organically on a calming virtual lake: the fun of self-expression; the power of "let it go" and the depth of connection through co-creating serenity.

Jude believes that the foundation of human connection is established on our distilled observation with nature, our history and the Yin and Yang energy with others. This philosophy is embodied consistently in her creative process through VR, nature photography and writing.

Jude advocates for a sustainable creative ecosystem through the online hub she is creating through Immersive Square, aiming to introduce to the general public rich choices of unique, inclusive and immersive digital and physical experiences.

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