Brownsville Bred

Based on the critically acclaimed one woman show, and award-winning young adult novel, Brownsville Bred.
Elaine is a spunky eight year old, living with her Mom, Dad, and three half-siblings as one of the only Puerto Rican families in the welfare projects of Brownsville, Brooklyn, in 1980s New York City. Her best friends are her intellectually disabled aunt, Elizabeth, and her musically gifted, salsa-loving father, Manny. Elaine idolizes her father and is incredibly proud that she has inherited his artististic ways. Through Elaine’s young eyes, life is perfect. But everything comes crashing down when she discovers a tragic truth that will affect her life forever.

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photo of Elaine Del Valle



Elaine Del Valle

Executive Producer:

Leslie Cohen, Larry Weiss, Al Eskanazy, Elaine Del Valle


Adrienne Lovette, Elaine Del Valle, Leslie Cohen, Debbie Esko-Gold, Eddie Frente


Elaine Del Valle


Dustin Ward


Eddie Frente

Production Designer:

Mary Marxen

Sound Designer:

Eddie Frente


Edwin Vazquez, Eddie Frente

Principal Cast:

Summer Rose Castillo, Javier Muñoz, Karina Ortiz, Susanna Guzman, Kevin Chacon, Pierre Jean Gonzalez, Kimora Cuadrado, Gabriela Amerth, Neo Vela, Byron Clohessy

Additional Credits:

Gaffer: Oliver Peng, 1st Assistant Camera: Haitao Zeng, 2nd Assistant Camera: Thomas Lau, Assistant Director : Pablo Barrera, Adrienne Lovette, Sound Mixer: Rachel Villegas, Art Director: Mary Marxen, Consulting Producer: Taryn Kosviner, Consulting Producer: Kyle Vines, Costume Design: Sarah Thea, Consulting Producer: Gabrielle Glore


Public Film Contact:

Elaine Del Valle
Brownsville Bred LLC

Publicity Contact:

Melissa Raubvogel

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