Seriously Red

Raylene 'Red' Delaney is a vivacious but, at times, misguided redhead, who pours herself a cup of ambition and trades her nine to five career in real estate for a life under the spotlight as a Dolly Parton impersonator. At first average and then fabulous, her tumultuous journey is full of fake hair, artificial boobs and a romantic liaison with Kenny Rogers. The cost of success however is far greater than Red ever anticipated and in order to find herself she needs to lose herself in Dolly. The film features a catalogue of classic Dolly Parton hits, as well as Elvis, Kenny Rogers, Neil Diamond, Kylie Minogue and more.

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photo of Gracie Otto



Gracie Otto

Executive Producer:

Rose Byrne, Danny Nozell, Krew Boylan, Jack Christian, D.J. McPherson, Deanne Weir


Jessica Carrera, Sonia Borella, Timothy White, Robyn Kershaw


Krew Boylan


Toby Oliver ACS


Deborah Peart ASE

Production Designer:

Penny Southgate

Sound Designer:

Sam Hayward


Cezary Skubiszewski

Principal Cast:

Rose Byrne, Krew Boylan, Bobby Cannavale, Daniel Webber, Celeste Barber, Thomas Campbell

Additional Credits:

Costume Designer: Tim Chappel, Make-up and Hair Designer: Cassie Hanlon, Editor: Kate Hickey, Songs Executive Producer: Cezary Skubiszewski, Songs Producer: Jan Skubiszewski, Supervising Sound Editor: Angus Robertson, Music Supervisor: Kim Green, Co-Producer: Lois Randall, 1st Assistant Director: Andy Howard



Lina Marrone

Public Film Contact:

Jessica Carrera
Dollhouse Pictures
+614 50545694

Publicity Contact:

Hilda Somarriba
1 323 633 7079

Sales Agent:

Arclight Films

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94 mins