Convenient Fantasies About Climate Change

Mar 16, 2022

4:00pm – 5:00pm CT

Recording: Convenient Fantasies About Climate Change, Mar 16, 2022

The headlines are full of jargon: net-zero, carbon neutral, energy transition, RSG. What does it all mean, and are we making progress?

The right answers to the wrong questions will get us nowhere in our race to save our planet, and often the headlines are vague and filled with words that make us think smart people are making real progress to solve serious problems.

But in many ways, we aren’t making the progress that we need. Solving net-zero math equations to make them balance won’t save the planet — we have to actually reduce emissions. Calling something “responsibly sourced” doesn’t mean it really is.

In this presentation, three leaders in energy, sustainability, & private equity will share their insider perspectives on the words and concepts that may not be moving us forward.

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Nicole Sullivan


Tri Vo

Fierce Whiskers

James Wang

Ara Partners

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