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Recording: Open Source Drugs, Date TBA

With the rising costs of prescription drugs all over the world, but especially the US, we ventured out to figure the primary reason for the exuberant cost. And it turns out that it’s not cost of production, but rather it is power over value. If someone has the sole monopoly over a lifesaving drug, there’s no limit to how much they could charge you. So we decided to develop drugs in an open source way: with no owner, and no intellectual property. Drugs that are developed by the world-wide community and owned by no one. Drugs that are instantly generic on approval instead of being monopolies for 20 years. It’s a new paradigm and a radical re-imagination of the pharma industry. The presentation will highlight the approach, some of success stories, and some problems that still remain unsolved.

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Prateek Garg

Open Source Pharma Foundation

Jaykumar Menon

Open Source Pharma Foundation

Elliot Roth

Open Source Pharma Foundation

Stephanie Testa

Open Source Pharma Foundation

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