How Does The Roomba REALLY Feel About Dog Shit?!

Date TBA


Chris Butler


Or how does the Amazon Ring video doorbell worry about being a snitch? Or would the Boston Dynamics Spot robot prefer to not carry a machine gun?

What makes them scared, disgusted, angry? Do they feel loyalty, distrust, spirituality towards the meatbags in their homes? You will find out in this workshop!

We will explore the smart home, the devices in it, and those pesky humans that keep getting in the way through animistic design and roleplay. If we don’t consider all of the communal uses of the devices humans don't trust them. When those humans lose trust they are willing to kill devices (aka be unplugged and thrown away).

Then maybe you will really know what a Roomba feels about dog shit.

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Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Interactive Badge
Secondary Entry: Music Badge, Film Badge
Format: Workshop
Event Type: Session
Track: Design